CV advice

Your CV is the primary method of marketing yourself. There is plenty of free online advice and you will find templates galore. However, if you are applying for jobs, you should be aware that recruiters spend less than 30 seconds looking at the front page of your CV – so it’s really important to get Read More


“[Coaching is] …unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them”John Whitmore Research confirms that coaching really make a difference, not only to the performance of executives, managers and high potential professionals, but it leads to real business results as well. For example: Increased efficiency Read More


Human resources consultants' areas of expertise are as varied as the number of consultants. HR consultants assist small businesses and large organisations in every discipline from recruitment to safety and risk management. Deciding how an HR consultant can help your company prosper and who you choose is an important decision and you’ll need to take Read More

Business Professional Support

I work with businesses to help them to avoid and resolve situations with their staff that may result in conflict or have already resulted in conflict. One of the fundamentals is having the correct employment documentation. HR contracts and HR policies and procedures can assist organisations of any size to operate in a fair and Read More