Professional HR Services


consultancyHuman resources consultants’ areas of expertise are as varied as the number of consultants. HR consultants assist small businesses and large organisations in every discipline from recruitment to safety and risk management. Deciding how an HR consultant can help your company prosper and who you choose is an important decision and you’ll need to take into account the consultant’s areas of expertise and experience level, as well as your business needs.

As a former HR Director who left the corporate world to become an independent HR consultant, I can advise you on both HR strategy and implementation, as well as general management issues. I have grounded experience in many areas and would be happy to speak to you about your HR consultancy needs which could include some or all of the following examples.


Many organizations — especially small businesses — hire an HR consultant to assist them with developing a workforce strategy or an overall human capital management strategy. As your HR consultant, I can give you insight into workforce trends, conduct analyses on your current workforce or design a recruitment strategy for your business based on business needs and labour market data. Also, I can develop the strategic direction for an employee recognition programme to improve or sustain your employees’ job satisfaction.


Even if your own team develops organisational strategy, as your HR consultant I can assist with the implementation by identifying the steps you should take to put your plans into action. For example, as your professional HR consultant, I can advise you on what it takes to implement an employee relations programme, such as the expertise you need to manage employee and industrial relations, how and when to conduct workplace investigations and recommendations for effective employee opinion surveys


I can also provide functional expertise to businesses, meaning that I would perform such professional HR duties as investigating workplace claims or conducting inductions (also known as on-boarding and/or orientation) for new employees. In a tactical role like this, as you professional HR consultant my work is similar to that of an outsource provider. Many small businesses prefer to outsource HR functions by using professional HR consultants because they don’t have the number of in-house staff to handle these duties or the HR team members are purely transactional and do not have the necessary expertise. Another reason to outsource HR functions is for cost-efficiency — sometimes it makes better sense to hire a professional HR consultant or outsource provider than to employ a full-time staff member.


In many cases, it’s a good idea to know precisely where you need an HR consultant’s expertise; however, I can assess your organisation’s needs and either address them directly or provide advice to your staff on how to handle certain HR issues. For example, by engaging me before you launch a new business I can advise you on workforce needs for a start-up organisation based on your business plan; or, as your company enters a growth phase, you can call on me as your professional HR consultant to augment your department staff and provide ongoing support.

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