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Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement

measure3It is widely accepted that engaged employees are more productive and generate better customer satisfaction. Proactive HR practise facilitates continuous engagement improvement. Many organisations periodically conduct engagement surveys and hope that they can achieve or sustain good and/or improved results. However, failing to analyse the results of the surveys or ask those who completed the survey to get involved in follow-up actions can potentially be very demoralising for employees and lead to future disengagement, dissatisfaction and reduced output.

Managers are often too busy with their day-to-day challenges to be personally involved in engagement action planning. Empowering those who were surveyed to improve their own destiny will reap the rewards not only of improved efficiencies, and productivity but will also generate better customer satisfaction and achievement of business or other organisational goals.

I have worked with managers on employee engagement in a variety of businesses and sectors.

I can help you analyse your survey results and facilitate action planning or employee focus groups on a regular or one-time basis.

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