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Interim HR Management

interim-HR“An Interim Manager is a top level independent executive or project manager. An expert in their field. A high level performer with a track record of quantifiable achievement. A possessor of drive and energy. A perceptive individual capable of adapting to new environments and delivering results…. Interim managers are experienced executives with specialist skills and a track record of achievement. They are hired by businesses on a project basis to solve problems. Interim managers can fill gaps or take on strategic roles; they deliver results quickly before moving on to the next assignment. Increasing numbers of business leaders are seeing interim managers as a more cost-effective solution than management consultants.” (Interim Management Association

Sometimes you need specialised skills for a specific HR project or a finite period but you can’t afford the commitment of taking on a permanent employee. Using an interim manager can be a highly effective way to harness the finest skills and experience in the labour market – without committing yourself to meeting the expectations (and employment rights) of a permanent, full-time employee.

Examples of professional HR projects that I have led and managed include

As a Director level HR practitioner for over fifteen years, leading and managing a variety of long term and time limited finite complex projects I am able to quickly assimilate, evaluate and prioritise your requirements on an interim basis.

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