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Workplace Investigations

Workplace Investigations

workplaceThere are many situations in a workplace when an investigation may be necessary such as grievances, bullying and harassment complaints, whistleblowing allegations and disciplinary cases. If the investigation is flawed or incomplete or not managed professionally in accordance with legal and ACAS best practise, then businesses risk paying heavily at subsequent employment tribunals.

The law requires a through, fair and reasonable investigation, and the investigator needs to be impartial. For this reason alone, many businesses use an external investigator to ensure neutrality and independence. Investigations are often time consuming and the issues complained of may be complex and sensitive. The investigator must clearly identify the issues at stake, consider the type of evidence that will be required and then to gather and document this in a systematic way.

In almost every workplace investigation there is a moment when the investigator will have to consider ‘who do I believe’ and reach a conclusion. It is critical that any workplace investigation not only seeks to find out what happened but is also vigorous and will stand up to challenge.

I can carry out an investigation for your business, having a broad range of experience of a variety of types of investigation, such as misconduct and disciplinary allegations, grievances, claims of bullying and harassment, whistleblowing cases and fraud and anti-bribery complaints.

My legal background enables me to ask incisive questions, rapidly understand and analyse large amounts of information without losing focus on the detail and fair process. I then summarise everything in a report with a conclusion and business recommendations.

If you have any questions or queries about any kind of workplace investigation contact me.